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About Deeper Potential Life Coach

Deeper Potential is a Life Coach, meditation and wellbeing service in Melbourne. The service helps people who experience stress and imbalance in their lives, to live an easier life. Deeper Potential Life Coach Melbourne works with people who have experienced failure, lost motivation and hope, to build more passion, purpose and fulfilment.

With expertise in meditation and stress relief, the founder Dan, utilises a combination of techniques to help you. The benefits include feeling calmer, more at ease, greater clarity, certainty and a stronger sense of direction in your life. Deeper Potential will work with you to develop a person-centred, holistic program to get you back on track. You can find some of Dan’s free guided Meditations on the Insight Timer app.

What does person-centred and holistic mean? Person-centred means that the program is built around your specific circumstances and needs. Dan utilises a humanistic approach in relating to you, to facilitate a safe and comfortable experience to help you get the most from the sessions.

A holistic approach utilises a combination of tools, activities, and resources from a range of areas. These include health-related areas, mindset, behavioural, emotional support and personal development. 

The services offered help you move towards personally meaningful desires and outcomes! Get your life back on track, and enjoying the life you desire through the range of programs offered. Find out more about our services.

BA(Hons) Psy / Professional Life Coach / Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) / Provisional member of Meditation Australia

Dan’s Story

The Early Years

Deeper Potential holds a strong sense of meaning in relation to my own life journey. Throughout my earlier years of life, I struggled with experiencing high levels of stress. As a result I was unable to stay on track in applying myself towards meaningful outcomes. Growing up, I was a sensitive kid, in fact I have always been a sensitive person. Early on, I struggled to deal with some of the volatile aspects of my environment. I often found myself checking out when things would become stressful. This habitual response of checking out became a way of escaping and avoiding difficult experiences. I would often bury myself into hobbies and interests that brought me a level of enjoyment, but I also found myself distracted. In these early years, I really couldn’t apply myself towards the tasks in front of me. These patterns continued in my teenage years. While I enjoyed some really productive and successful years in secondary school, I found it hard to consistently apply myself throughout. I would often seek distraction through socialising with friends, watching sports, teenage relationships and some destructive behaviours.

The Turning Point

It wasn’t until my 20’s that I finally sought help, to address the underlying mental and emotional stressors that contributed to me checking out. What I found when I worked through these experiences, was a lot of pain that I had spent years distracting myself from. Since then, I have spent years moving through my self-development journey. I have worked to address the pain of my early life circumstances. 

My Passion

Through that work I built my own life passion towards helping others. By getting in touch with my pain, I was also able to tap into a strong drive and commitment to live a meaningful life. A life where I can share and contribute something positive in my interactions with others. To be able to show myself that despite my challenges and early struggles, I can live a fulfilling life. In fact, my life is more meaningful because I have experienced and overcome these challenges. This is what Deeper Potential is about; by doing the work to unlock our pain, we can access the infinite potential that sits within us, to live a life of our choosing.