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Improve your relationship with Relationship Coaching

Improve your relationship health, with Relationship Coaching Melbourne. According to Relationships Australia, positive relationships are important for everyone. Healthy relationships help foster healthy, happy lives. People who have healthy relationships are less likely to have mental or physical health problems and more likely to have greater emotional health. Healthy relationships set the foundations for positive experiences and foster support through challenging life experiences

Relationship Coaching Melbourne: Key pillars of relationship health

Through Relationship Coaching Melbourne, Deeper Potential works with couples to improve their relationships. Improve your relationship health through Positive communication.

What is positive communication?

Are you aware of how you prefer to resolve conflict when it arises?

Do you often speak your truth in conversations or hold back and belittle what is true for you?

Does feedback and affirmations help you to thrive?

Or do you prefer nonverbal communication where there is not much said?

Often in relationships, there’s missed connection through miscommunication. This can lead to difficulty understanding our partner and may result in conflict, or a break in trust.

Communication is important in relationships because it allows us to connect with intimate partners and develop understandings. In order to have relationships that give us energy, we want to learn tools to improve our communication.

Through Relationship Coaching Melbourne, Deeper Potential helps couples with their communication.

Deeper Potential works with partners to help identify their unique communication patterns, and implement strategies and practical steps to get you both on the same page.

Relationship Coaching: The importance of self-love

The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves.

How do you view yourself independently without the influence of another?

In what ways do you honour your needs and take care of yourself?

What is your self-talk like?

Often insecure relationships are a result of one or both partners having a negative view of themselves. By seeing the self as flawed, or being preoccupied with not being good enough, we may believe we are not deserving of our partner’s love.

By learning how to fully, unconditionally love ourselves we hold the ability to fully and unconditionally love others. When partners are able to fully love and embrace all parts of ourselves, we are able to receive love more openly and share it without reservation.

Through Relationship Coaching in Melbourne, Deeper Potential works with both individuals and couples to implement practical steps to build a more positive view of self. In-turn this creates a more stable, secure attachment to the other. This allows partners to share a more enjoyable, secure experience together.

Healthy Boundaries

Do you know what your boundaries are?

How have you created, honoured, and protected your boundaries in the past?

Have you experienced resistance when expressing your boundaries with others?

When we allow others to trespass our boundaries, then it’s a self-betrayal. It’s a violation of self. This can lead to resentment in relationships and eventually for relationships to break down.

By having clear boundaries that allow us the space to thrive, we are able to show up more fully and openly in our relationships.

Boundaries are not just about putting up a perimeter, or a protection of our sovereignty. Boundaries are also taking down the armour to fully allow what we truly want in our lives. So we get to discern what we are saying no to, and what we are saying yes to.

Deeper Potential Relationship Coaching helps individuals and couples clearly identify their boundaries in relationships, so they can feel safe and fully open up with their partner.

Trusting relationships

Do you trust your internal knowing to guide you? Are you safe to make the best choices in order to move forward?

Or perhaps you trust too easily and get hurt, or feel sceptical of everything and everyone, not letting others in?

We each have an inner knowing or guidance system, that many of us have been taught for years not to trust. As a result, we may not know what or who to trust and be caught making decisions that may leave us with a feeling of regret.

On the other hand, by learning to be in tune with and follow our own internal compass, we can be more discerning about the decisions we make. By trusting our own decision-making process, we in turn can trust others and allow ourselves to relate with more security.

Deeper Potential Relationship Coaching will help you build a stronger connection with your internal radar system. This will allow to feel safer and more stable in the decisions you make when trusting others. As a result, you will find deeper connection, safety and freedom to enjoy your intimate relationships.