Mindful Meditation

What are mindful meditation classes

The first question to ask is, what is mindfulness and meditation?

Mindful Meditation is the ability to be in full awareness and conscious of our surroundings and what happens within us. Mindfulness invites us to bring acceptance, curiosity and non-judgement of our experiences. It has been scientifically proven to improve stress and our overall wellbeing. Mindful meditation classes allow participants to tune into their immediate surroundings with interest, openness and present awareness. This helps alleviate stress, to find greater relaxation and ease.

Deeper Potential mindful meditation classes provide relief from the pressures of daily life to find greater mental, emotional and physical ease. Learning to relate to yourself and others with interest, curiosity and compassion are helpful attitudes in our daily lives. Deeper Potential meditation practices involve light movement, deepening awareness of the body, breath, sensory experiences, thoughts and emotions.

Meditation is an opportunity to get to know oneself. Providing an opportunity for each individual to hold space for and embrace all aspects of our experiences. The journey within is an opportunity to connect with the self, others and the Universe, providing a unique self-healing process.

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Deeper Potential utilises a mindfulness-based approach to meditation, aiming to bring meditation to people with different levels of experience. Deeper Potential offers workplace meditation classes in Melbourne, as well as in community groups and other settings. The general aim of a workplace meditation class is to provide an experience and tools to help relieve stress, unwind and refocus. To book a free workplace meditation class, or a personalised meditation plan click here.


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