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Mental Health Recovery Coach Melbourne

A Psychosocial Recovery coach 

Is someone professionally trained to provide mental health support in alignment with Psychosocial Recovery Principles. These principles include 

  • All people have potential that can be developed.
  • People have a right to self-determination.
  • The emphasis is on the individual’s strengths rather than their symptoms.
  • Each person’s needs are different.

A recovery coach aims to help people who experience difficulties with their mental and emotional wellbeing. This type of coaching is different because it helps you find more stability and ease in your life. Deeper Potential recovery coaching is there to provide support for people who are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, depression and burn out.  Contact us to find out how a mental health coach can help you.

The role of a psychosocial recovery coach is to help the client build the mental and emotional capacity to identify and work towards personally meaningful outcomes.  Mental health coaching offers a mixture of psychotherapy, combined with practical goal setting, to build vision for the best pathway forward. 

Psychosocial coaching is about helping you implement coping strategies to maintain balance and stability. By maintaining stability there is the opportunity to move past the mental and emotional barriers that are keeping you stuck. This can help you move towards the things that you want in your life! It is about working with you to set up the conditions for a more optimal way of being.

The role of a mental health recovery coach is to listen to the client with compassion and empathy. To foster a relationship of safety and support. The relationship allows you to feel understood and heard. Mental health recovery coaching aims to help build resilience over time, to create lasting and permanent changes in your life.

Australian research by Professor Michael Baigent has shown that mental health coaching helps reduce anxiety and depression. The research was conducted on a large sample who who used the services and also found that life outcomes improved following the treatment.

The difference: A Life Coach and Psychosocial Coach

A life coach is there to work with the client through systems of accountability and action steps. To help the client work towards meaningful life goals. A mental health coach’s role is to provide support and ongoing assistance with mental or emotional difficulties to help improve your outlook on life. A mental health coach may not provide diagnosis for mental health issues. The role of the coach is to help you to overcome self-limiting mental and emotional difficulties. So you can have the opportunity for self-defined change and growth in your life.


How much do mental health coaches charge?

The cost of a mental health coach can vary. Some mental health coaching services are government funded and may be provided at little or no cost. Other mental health coaches may offer their services around the same rate as life coaches. Deeper Potential provides mental health coaching at an affordable rate. We aim to make the service accessible for everyone based on financial circumstances.

How to access Psychosocial Recovery Coaching?

Deeper Potential Psychosocial Recovery Coaching can also be accessed by NDIS Participants who receive funding through a self-managed plan. To find out more, contact us.

Mental health coach, Deeper Potential Coaching

What you can work towards with Deeper Potential Mental Health Coach 

Positive outlook;

Mental and emotional wellbeing;

More optimism towards life;

Greater self-assurance;

More calm and focused;

Better adjustment to life circumstances;

Navigate stress with more ease;

More clarity about the future;

More positive relationships.