How do you start your day?

What is the perfect recipe to set your day up for success?

Research indicates that having a planned routine to start the day helps with maintaining a calm state of mind, sustained focus and increased productivity throughout (e.g., McLean, Koopman & Yim, 2020). Many highly successful people use a range of habits as part of their routines. Tony Robbins’ cold plunge pool, others like Tim Ferris and Oprah start their day with meditation, while Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson prefer to get their morning sweat on!

So what is the best way to start your day?

The general consensus is clear about the things we should steer away from i.e. scrolling through devices, focusing on negative news articles, and poor sleep routines. These are likely to set us up for lower energy levels and a negative mindset throughout our day.

However, the consensus is still out there about the best morning routine. Perhaps it is more about what suits each of us as individuals. While some are naturally “morning people”, others find they function better in the later parts of the day. So an ideal morning routine could rather be framed as a daily routine to work with our natural trajectory of energy throughout our day.

Rather than trying to force a dogmatic approach to our daily lives, it may be more suitable to experiment and tune into whatever works best for us.

Whether it be low intensity, or higher intensity movement;

Yoga, or meditation;

Reading a book, or journaling;

Cold showers/plunge pools, or walm, relaxing shower;

Coffee, or herbal tea;

Fasting, or a well balanced nutritional breakfast;

The choices and opportunity to experiment are endless. To choose the best routine, perhaps it is most important to tune into what we most need on a daily basis. By making active choices and proactively planning our morning routines, we give ourselves an opportunity to create the conditions for our daily success.

To create your ideal morning routine and set your days up for success, Deeper Potential can help you develop a free daily planning assessment