Build confidence to improve

Build Confidence

Build confidence with a life coach so you can overcome self-limiting beliefs. Confidence coaching will also help you to address low self-esteem, shyness, and fear, so you can challenge doubts and perceptions which hold you back.

Why should you hire a life coach to build confidence?

There are many circumstances which can impact your self-confidence. Often the experience of failure, or rejection results in a loss of confidence in your ability or self-worth. People hire a life coach to build confidence for a range of reasons including:

  • Build confidence to live beyond your comfort zone, to make bold decisions which pay off.
  • Build confidence to become a better leader;
  • Improve your confidence to overcome crippling insecurity to feel more safe in relating to others.
  • Improve your ability to speak in front of groups of people, so you communicate more clearly and directly.
  • To feel more empowered so you feel at ease;
  • To believe in yourself so you can reach for the stars;
  • Increase positive self-worth to reach positive outcomes.

The Key pillars to improve confidence

According to Jo Emerson  the five pillars of lasting confidence are:


Acting in congruence with your core values and who you really are. 


Learning to relate to our own internal, negative chatter through a different lens.


Learning to relate to self with more compassion to build a more positive self-image.


Writing a list of what you appreciate to anchor into the positive aspects of your life.


Learning to feel good about your unique journey.

Building unshakeable self-esteem

To access some of Deeper Potential’s top tips on building unshakeable self-esteem check out our article via LivingNow

  1. Run your own race.
  2. Find beauty in your flaws.
  3. Be persistent and patient.
  4. Build a positive, permanent sense of self.
  5. Develop a self-appreciation ritual.

To build some person-centred strategies to help you overcome the negative, self-limiting beliefs that have impacted your confidence, contact Dan to organise a discovery session